Virginia, US

Aug 24 2017

Diplomas No Longer Required for Some Work Permit Reapplications


Foreign nationals who previously held a Work Permit applying for a new Work Permit within the same job category no longer need to resubmit their diploma as long as the diploma is valid and up-to-date in the records of the Ministry of Labor. This may reduce the time it takes to prepare and file a Work Permit application for applicants from countries that require diploma legalization. Work Permit re-applications to a different job category or initial Work Permit applications are not eligible for the simplified process.

Applicants in the following job categories were previously required to resubmit their diploma when applying for a new Work Permit within the same job category:

  • Category A (professional and technical work);

  • Category B (director or manager of a business invested in or established by overseas Chinese nationals, or foreign nationals working in a company/branch/representative office duly established according to Taiwanese law); and

  • Category G (contract-fulfillment work)

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals who are normally required to legalize their documents and their employers should benefit from this change as they can submit their Work Permit applications without undergoing a lengthy document authentication process.

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