Virginia, US

Nov 29 2018

Proof of Vaccination to be Required for Children’s Long-Term Pass Applications


The situation

Starting February 1, 2019, foreign nationals applying for a Dependant’s Pass (DP), Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) or Student’s Pass for their foreign-born children 12 years old and younger will be required to submit proof of vaccination or evidence of immunity for diphtheria and measles for their child.


  • LTP holders. Existing long-term pass (LTP) holders are exempt from the requirement when renewing or applying for a new pass when there is a change in the work pass holder’s sponsoring entity.
  • Medical exemptions. New applicants who wish to be exempt due to medical reasons will need to produce a doctor-certified document to the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to qualify for an exemption.
  • Updating vaccinations. Children who are not due for the required vaccinations at the time of their pass application will be required to obtain the vaccinations when they are due and will need to submit the certifications to the HPB.



Failure to submit documentary proof of vaccination against these two diseases may delay processing or result in rejection of long-term pass applications.


The Singaporean government mandated vaccinations for diphtheria and measles for children in Singapore under the Infectious Diseases Act, implemented in 1977. The new requirement is intended to ensure high vaccination coverage among both foreign-born and Singaporean children in Singapore.

Other countries often require vaccinations for entry. For example, travelers to Papua New Guinea are required to obtain polio vaccinations and travelers entering and leaving Bolivia (including Bolivian nationals) must present a yellow fever vaccination card upon entry/exit.

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