April 30, 2020

AmCham Webinar: COVID-19 Legal Implications Exploring Implications on Restructuring and Insolvency, Employment and Immigration

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a period of financial uncertainty for many businesses. Understandably therefore, companies are focused on responding to the resulting financial distress and legal obligations to their clients, suppliers and employees.

Please join Fragomen Practice Leader, George Muccee, and other industry professionals as they explore the legal implications surrounding restructuring and insolvency, employment and immigration.

Some of the questions to be covered during the session include:

· What legal responsibilities do companies have toward mitigating the risks and effects of the pandemic at the workplace?
· What are company directors legally required to do as responsible stewards of companies?
· Is there any reprieve for companies continuing to trade when solvency is in doubt?
· How can you forestall enforcement action from being taken by creditors?
· How should companies handle the confirmation of a positive case in the workplace in view of the Data Protection Act, 2019?
· What are the legal obligations in negotiating changes to the terms of employment contracts?
· How can companies navigate work permit issues for employees who are foreign nationals given scaled down operations at Immigration and a ban on international travel to and from Kenya?
· Is there consideration by government to reduce or waiving Work Permit fees to help companies recover from the tough economic times?

And many more!