Aaron is a Partner at Fragomen’s Miami office, where he advises a diverse client base, including investors and entrepreneurs, colleges and universities and multinational companies, on U.S. immigration law.

Aaron has deep experience advising on the distinctive immigration requirements of colleges and universities. He works on behalf of professors and researchers to secure EB-1 Outstanding Professor/Researcher Visas and, when appropriate, National Interest Waivers. He also assists large state universities seeking to become designated as J-1 sponsor schools, and he works with colleges and universities that have established J-1 programs to ensure that they remain compliant. Aaron also advises international students on their visa options upon graduation. Additionally, Aaron represents and assists a growing number of small businesses, start-ups, investors and entrepreneurs who are working to expand their business footprint in the United States. In this capacity, he prepares and submits E-2 and EB-5 visa applications on behalf of clients.

Aaron initially joined Fragomen as a Summer Associate and returned to the firm following his graduation from law school. During law school, he founded the Immigration Law Society at the University of Miami and sat on the Editorial Board for the International and Comparative Law Review. Aaron also served as an immigration law clerk for a global multi-practice law firm in Atlanta, Georgia and was a summer intern for the Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office.

Aaron's pro bono work includes representing individuals from Nepal filing for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and conducting a webinar titled “TPS: An In-Depth Look at Applying for Temporary Protected Status.” He has also assisted an undocumented minor from El Salvador who was in deportation proceedings in obtaining U.S. permanent residence as a Special Immigrant Juvenile and volunteered at a Miami TPS clinic by reviewing applications and conducting legal research on issues related to a number of TPS applications for Haitian individuals. Aaron assisted three Haitian children who are in the United States without parents and with no immigration status in applying for TPS, and assisted with their adoption by a U.S. citizen uncle to allow them to eventually become U.S. permanent residents. He provided visa assistance to the Holocaust Learning and Education Fund, enabling Holocaust educational services to be provided by a German expert to public schools in South Florida. Aaron volunteered at several Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) clinics in South Florida, and represented two local children in obtaining DACA relief and employment authorization


University of Miami School of Law | J.D., 2008, magna cum laude
Emory University | B.A., 2004


Recipient, “You Made a World of Difference” Award, Florida Association of International Educators, 2019

Professional Accomplishments / Memberships

Bar Admissions: Florida

Member, American Immigration Lawyers Association

Member, American Bar Association

Member, India-U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Board of Advisors, Interstride

While National Interest Waiver cases tend to be unique, Aaron worked on a significant case for an individual who was conducting ground-breaking research on a cure for paralysis. National Interest Waiver cases have become increasingly difficult to get approved since the standards were heightened in the Matter of New York State Department of Transportation. Nonetheless, Aaron was able to demonstrate the significance of this individual’s research and secure a visa so they could remain in the United States and continue the search for a cure.

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