Virginia, US

Fragomen Ranked #1 for Gender Parity in Amongst Similar-Sized U.S. Law Firms

Fragomen was recognized once again for being a leader in advancing gender parity in the U.S. at all levels, in Law360’s 2017 “Glass Ceiling Report.” The firm was ranked #1 on this year’s list of best law firms (with 300-599 attorneys) for female attorneys, as well as its list of best law firms (with 300-599 attorneys) for female partners. This report ranks firms based on their percentage of female attorneys both at the non-partner and partner levels, and is based on a survey of more than 300 U.S. firms, or vereins with a U.S. component.

While women make up just 34.8 percent of all attorneys at the firms surveyed, more than 60 percent of the attorneys at Fragomen are women. In addition, 40 percent of Fragomen’s equity partners are female—double the industry average, according to the report. Fragomen also topped Law360’s “Ceiling Smasher” rankings in 2017, which focus solely on the ratio of female equity partners to male equity partners. The “Ceiling Smashers” are pulled from Law360's Glass Ceiling Report.

To develop the rankings, Law360 grouped firms based on U.S. attorney headcount in order to evaluate them with similar-sized peers. To be eligible for the list, firms had to report above-average representation of female attorneys in their (1) attorney population, (2) non-partner population, (3) total partner population, and (4) equity partner population. Firms also had to have at least 20 U.S.-based attorneys to participate.

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