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Abemmi Mobility Summit 2019: Global mobility in Digital Age
| Diana Quintas

Abemmi Mobility Summit 2019: Global mobility in Digital Age

I recently had the pleasure of participating in Abemmi Mobility Summit 2019. This was the second edition of the summit that brought together the private mobility sector and public authorities in São Paulo, Brazil to discuss the ways to strengthen and improve the global mobility and migration segment in the country.

The summit is an annual initiative of the Brazilian Association of Specialists in Migration and International Mobility (Abemmi) that aims to foster a dialogue to find solutions that make the migration process as simple and effective as possible.

During the event, I moderated the panel with authorities about immigration formalities, where we discussed the progress we have already made and the challenges faced by expatriates in Brazil with the bureaucracy.

Migration-Related News and Developments

The summit was an exciting event as it saw the launch of a good practice manual related to migration and another one for the relationship with the public administration.

In addition, an announcement was made that the Ministry of Economy should launch in July a mobile application for the issuance of a work permit, for both Brazilians and foreigners.

The initiative should streamline the process, according to the coordinator of Identification and Professional Registration of the Ministry of Economy, Sergio Barreto, who joined the Abemmi Mobility Summit 2019.

The summit also focused on innovation and technological advancement as applied to mobility and discussed technological and behavioral repercussions of processes increasingly impacted by digital solutions, cybersecurity needs and the rapidly changing current global scenario.

During the meeting, the Chief Minister of the Department of Security and Justice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, André Veras Guimarães, reinforced the importance of improving processes related to immigration. "We have to constantly improve ourselves using technology since migration is a global phenomenon intense nowadays."


I think the summit provided a great opportunity for companies and authorities to discuss together solutions for the expatriates´ regularization.

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