Jo is an Attorney and Managing Partner of Fragomen’s Brussels office. She is responsible for managing corporate immigration compliance and advisory work for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

In this role, she supports multinational and medium-sized corporations and individuals with effective and efficient immigration solutions for both inbound and outbound moves.

In addition, Jo leads Fragomen’s Government Strategies initiatives in relation to European institutions and represents Fragomen in the European Commission Expert Group on Economic Migration.

Jo has developed the Fragomen Europe Center of Excellence and Integrated Advisory Services which are linked to Day One Compliance and work readiness (including immigration, Posted Worker and immigration compliance) and EU mobility and workforce planning.

Prior to joining Fragomen, Jo was a member of the Board of Directors at one of the leading audit/tax consultancy firms in Belgium. In this role, she developed and endorsed the overall responsibility of the global mobility service offerings with respect to immigration, international social security and labour laws.

Jo has spoken as an immigration law expert at numerous national and international seminars and has authored a list of publications related to economic migration and international social security law. Jo has also contributed to various focused studies on migration for the European Commission and the European Migration Network (EMN). She was also part of the legal experts group overseeing the Legal Migration Fitness Check conducted by the European Commission.

Jo’s thorough knowledge of all aspects of global mobility, ranging from immigration to social security and individual labor law solutions, gives her a well-rounded and strategic view of immigration-based and cost containment solutions on behalf of her clients.


Jo speaks English, Dutch and French and has a working knowledge of Spanish.


Catholic University of Leuven | LL.M., 1992


Named to Best Lawyers in Belgium, 2021-2022

Professional Accomplishments / Memberships

Bar Admissions: Brussels


Member, HR Committee, American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium

Member, Trans-Atlantic Business Council (TABC)

Has more than 15 years of experience in managing global engagements, as well as Belgian and European social security and immigration policy and advisory work.

Partnered with private clients to meet their immigration needs in the context of estate and fiscal planning.

Acted as a legal adviser to corporate clients on all issues linked to the employment of personnel and performance and reward.


Publications and Lectures

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