Fragomen helps companies confront the specific I-9 challenges that arise from their particular business environment.
We offer flexible solutions that range from basic document processing to fully outsourced I-9 program management. Fragomen works with each client to develop I-9 workflows that maximize efficiency and minimize compliance risks, while also considering the company's distinct corporate culture.
Moreover, we strive to ensure that our solutions easily adapt to our clients' evolving needs, as well as to any changes in the law.
I-9s Online

Our advanced, web-based technology fully automates the completion, signature, storage and tracking of I-9 forms – making a totally paperless I-9 process possible.  Our customized client I-9 portals are maintained and supported by Fragomen experts, and are continuously updated to reflect the latest developments in USCIS/ICE regulations and procedures.

Seamless I-9 Program Start-up

Fragomen’s partnership approach involves working with company representatives to understand current I-9 programs, and identify existing concerns, trends or problems before outlining a new, customized I-9 program.  Step-by-step transition plans provide a seamless transition to a tailored I-9 solution.

Legal guidance and support during all phases of the I-9 process

Fragomen attorneys and paralegals provide legal counsel and assistance during program planning and implementation, and are available for consultation at any time during the I-9 process. 

Confirmation of employment eligibility and SSN verification via links to E-Verify and DHS databases

As designated agents for the E-Verify program, our tool seamlessly integrates with government databases for verification of work authorization and social security numbers, eliminating duplicated data entry and allowing for tracking of tentative non-confirmation letters and responses.

Ongoing education and training

Fragomen makes training available to ensure that personnel are trained on the most up-to-date I-9 processes and requirements, as well as on the proper use of our technology.  Additionally, our clients receive e-mail “I-9 Alerts” for notification regarding changes to relevant laws and regulations that may affect a company’s I-9 policy.

Assistance with “historical” I-9 forms

Conversion of some or all of a company’s existing I-9 data into the I-9 Service Center system all helps to ensure overall company I-9 compliance, greatly reducing potential legal exposure.  This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, from simple scanning and storage of historical I-9 forms, to a complete audit of the form, including spotting error trends and facilitating correction.

Secure physical and electronic document storage

Fragomen offers secure and reliable physical storage for all original I-9 forms and supporting documentation, as well as electronic (scanned) copies for easy recall from remote locations.

Assistance with ICE and DOL audits 

In the event of an ICE audit, on-site consulting services and legal representation are available.  All documentation required by the ICE that is in storage with Fragomen can be pulled, reviewed and expedited to the company within the required timeframe.

Cohesion with immigration programs

Fragomen’s I-9 Service Center functions as a natural adjunct to our U.S. immigration practice.  This ensures coordinated and effective overall representation for employee matters, including re-verification and screening of foreign national employees.