Robert is Fragomen’s Executive Director and has been with the firm for over 20 years. He helps to drive the execution and mobilization of Fragomen’s vision globally through his leadership roles in firm strategy, client service and engagement, and integrated solutions.

Robert works closely with clients and leaders around the world to promote the enablement of broader and more mobile workforce models through innovative initiatives.   

Known for his openness to change – and desire to be at the forefront of it – he has a keen eye focused on mobility programs and strategies. He works closely with many of the firm’s leading clients to adapt their different cultures and work models, and is able to leverage these relationships to help both the firm and clients remain at the forefront of evolving industry trends and strategies.

Robert plays a significant role in a number of the firm’s advanced approaches to strategic partnering, talent management and acquisition, client development, program design, and analytics. He has also been instrumental in the firm’s development of proprietary client facing technologies, and their integration into work models that facilitate transparency, predictability and alignment with business strategy.

During his tenure at Fragomen, Robert has been a member of the firm's Client Engagement & Strategies, Corporate Development, Communications, Marketing, Best Practices and Technology steering committees, as well as a leader of the I-9 Service Center Practice Group. Outside of the firm, Robert is a recognized leader in the talent workforce industry. As such he sits on the boards of several industry leading organizations including the National Immigration Law Center and Worldwide ERC, where he is Chairman of the Board.

Prior to joining Fragomen, Robert served in senior management and consultant roles with other professional  service and consulting firms, including the Big Four, where he worked in the Audit, Consulting, Corporate Finance and Mergers and Acquisition groups.


University of Southern California
University of Southern California-Marshall School of Business

Professional Accomplishments / Memberships


Chairman Elect/Chair, Worldwide ERC, 2016-2018

Vice Chairman, Finance and Strategy, Worldwide ERC, 2015

Member, Board of Directors, Worldwide ERC, 2013-Current

Member, Board of Directors, National Immigration Law Center

Member, Silicon Valley Board, CompTIA

Publications and Lectures

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