Making an Application to the Home Office in UK
| Ian Robinson

Making an Application to the Home Office in UK

The prospect of Article 50 being triggered has prompted lots of Europeans living in the UK to think about how they can evidence their status here. There is no legal requirement to do anything just yet but the general sense is that it might make sense to take action now, rather than wait until free movement ends.
There are three main options available to EU nationals in the UK – a registration certificate, permanent residence and British citizenship. We have published a series of blogs setting out the main requirements and what people need to think about before making an application. They are well worth looking at if you would like more information:
  • Registration certificate – this document evidences that EU nationals are exercising treaty rights in the UK. You can find Charlotte Will’s blog here
  • Permanent residence – this document confirms that an EU national has acquired permanent residence rights, normally after five years of exercising treaty rights in the UK. You can find Kiran Cheema’s blog here.
  • British citizenship – A year after a person has permanent residence (and in many cases holds a document confirming permanent residence) they can apply to become British. You can find Alexander Finch’s blog here.
We have also had lots of questions about what the non-European family members of EU nationals can do to evidence their status. Gemma Hyslop has addressed this in a fourth blog that you can find here.
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