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Whether your company is sending employees to Mexico or expanding outside of Mexico to destinations around the world—Fragomen is here to help. Our experienced Mexico immigration professionals partner with you to develop immigration strategies that help you meet inbound immigration needs and manage your regional or global immigration program.

• ​​Mexican law provides several options for employers of foreign nationals. Requirements, processing times and employment eligibility vary by visa classification.
• Foreign nationals may perform business and work activities in Mexico as visitors for up to 180 calendar days per visit, provided they do not receive salary or payments from a Mexican source. Visa-exempt nationals do not require a visa to enter Mexico as business visitors; visa nationals must obtain a Visitor Visa for Non-Remunerated Activities (Visa de visitante sin permiso para realizar actividades remuneradas) at a Mexican consular post before entry.
• There are two main work authorization categories in Mexico: (1) the Temporary Residence Visa for Remunerated Activities is used by foreign nationals (both transfers and local hires) seeking to perform remunerated activities in Mexico for an initial period of one year. The host company must be registered with the National Immigration Institute and have an up-to-date Corporate Registration Certificate; and (2) the Temporary Residence Visa for Non-Remunerated Activities is used by skilled foreign nationals seeking to perform non-remunerated work activities in Mexico for over 180 days and up one year initially.
• All foreign nationals entering Mexico with a consular-issued Temporary Residence Visa (remunerated or non-remunerated) must register​ with the National Immigration Institute within 30 days of arrival, submit biometrics, and obtain a Residence Card.​​
Detailed Immigration Snapshots, Document Lists and Process Guides are available to clients on request.
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