Venezuela Immigration Services

If your company is sending employees to Venezuela—Fragomen is here to help. Working closely with our Local Advisors in Venezuela, we provide the immigration strategies and support you need to get your employees on the ground as quickly as possible. 

• ​Venezuela's immigration system provides several options for employers of foreign nationals. Requirements, processing times, employment eligibility and benefits for accompanying family members vary by permit type. Due to the current government volatility and civil unrest, visa processing requirements and times are subject to frequent change.
• All foreign nationals require a business visa - TR-N Visa​ - before entry to carry out any business activities in Venezuela, which is generally granted for one year and allows stays of up to 180 days, continuous or cumulative, within the validity of the visa.
• The 90-Day TR-L Visa is used by short-term workers on home payroll and permits work for up to 90 days.
• The main work authorization category is the TR-L Visa, valid for up to one year with indefinite extensions. While no labor market testing is required, there is a minimum salary requirement, which changes annually. A TR-L Visa application requires previous approval of a Work Permit by the Ministry of Labor. All foreign nationals, regardless of nationality, must obtain a TR-L visa from a Venezuelan consular post, after approval ​by SAIME (Servicio Administrativo de Identificación, Migración y Extranjería). TR-L visa holders qualify for permanent residence after five years of uninterrupted residence in Venezuela.
Detailed Immigration Snapshots, Document Lists and Process Guides are available to clients on request.
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