Madagascar Immigration Services

• The immigration laws of Madagascar provide several options for employers of foreign nationals. Requirements, processing times, employment eligibility and benefits for accompanying family members vary by visa classification.

• There are two visa categories in Madagascar depending on the purpose and the duration of stay in Madagascar: non-immigrant visa (short-term business visa) and immigrant visa (long-stay visa).

• The maximum allowable stay as a business visitor (short-term visa) is three months. There are three categories of short-term visas (1) entry visa with one to three entries; (2) less than three months visa with multiple entries (extendable with the police department in charge of immigration/emigration for a cumulative total period of three​ months); and (3) permanent entry and exit visa with 90-day stay for each entry, valid for up to three years and suitable for business travelers, filed with the consular post or immigration office before the Ministry of Interior.

• ​The long-stay ​visa is granted to workers and professionals who intend to stay beyond three months. Foreign workers must apply for work authorization before entering the country to work. A convertible entry visa valid for 30 days​​ must be secured to enter the country. “Non-immigrant” visas (visa travailleur​) are applied from within Madagascar.

Detailed Immigration Snapshots, Document Lists and Process Guides are available to clients on request.