Madagascar Immigration Services

​There are two visa categories in Madagascar depending on the purpose and the duration of stay in Madagascar: non-immigrant visa (short-term business visa) and immigrant visa (long-stay visa).

The maximum allowable stay as a business visitor (short-​​term visa) is three months; however, there are three categories of short-term visas:
• entry visa with one to three entries
• less than three months visa with multiple entries (extendable with the police department in charge of immigration/emigration for a running total period not to exceed th​ree​ months); and
• permanent entry and exit visa with 90-day stay for each entry, valid for up to three years and suitable for business travelers, filed with the consular post or immigration office before the Ministry of Interior.

The long-stay visa is granted for more than three months to workers and professionals. Foreign workers must apply for work authorization prior to entering the country to work. A convertible entry visa valid for 30 days​​ must be secured to enter the country. “Non-immigrant” visas (visa travailleur) are applied for in Madagascar.

Note that certain activities and/or professions such as attorneys, certified public accountants and notary publics require prior registration and authorization with the relevant industry governing body prior to practicing in Madagascar.​

Detailed Immigration Snapshots, Document Lists and Process Guides are available to clients on request.