Thailand Immigration Services

Thai immigration laws provide limited options for employers of foreign nationals.
Business visitors can enter on visa-exempt status, visa-on-arrival, or a Non-Immigrant B Visa, depending on nationality.
For short-term work activities conducted for up to 15 days, the appropriate​ work authorization is the Urgent Work Permit (UWP). The UWP may be extended for another 15 days if the urgent work is not completed during the initial 15-day period. ​Except for visa-exempt nationals, foreign nationals seeking to obtain a UWP must obtain a Non-Immigrant B visa before entry.
For work activities that exceed 30 days, a Work Permit is required. The Work Permit can be granted for ​one to four years, depending on the company's status in Thailand. All foreign nationals intending to obtain a Work Permit, including visa-exempt nationals, must obtain a Non-Immigrant B visa before entry.​​
Detailed Immigration Snapshots, Document Lists and Process Guides are available to clients on request.