Vietnam Immigration Services

​​Vietnam's laws provide limited options for employers of foreign nationals.
• ​The rules governing the employment of foreign nationals in Vietnam are based on a bifurcated system. The Immigration Department has jurisdiction over authorization to enter the country (visa status) while the Labor Department has jurisdiction over work authorization (work permits) and what activities the foreign national can conduct in the country. Government authorities may also have differing interpretations of visa or work authorization rules.​
• Business visitors to Vietnam require a business visa which generally permits a stay of up to three months depending on nationality and the issuing consular post. A tourist visa is not appropriate for business activities. Depending on their citizenship, some foreign nationals may be eligible for the e-visa pilot program.
• The primary category of work authorization is the Work Permit, usually granted for up to two years. The application process can take up to 100 days because of the ex​tensive documen​t requ​irements​.​
Detailed Immigration Snapshots, Document Lists and Process Guides are available to clients on request.