Republic of Congo Immigration Services

Most foreign nationals travelling to the Republic of Congo on business for up to 90 days require a business visa. For stays beyond one year, a long-term visa is required.

Business visas must be applied for abroad, permit a 90-day stay maximum, are usually issued with multiple entries, and may be renewed in the Republic of Congo.

There are two types of work authorizations: an authorization for temporary employment ("Authorisation d'Emploi Temporaire") (AET) and a Work Permit. The AET is issued for six months and, while not renewable, it is in practice renewed in the form of a new AET (also in practice renewed indefinitely in the form of new AETs when renewals are sought).  A Work Permit is valid for two years and may be renewed indefinitely. All AET and Work Permit applications are subject to a job posting requirement with the Labor Office ("Office National de l'Emploi et la Main d'Oeuvre" (ONEMO) to ensure Congolese nationals are given the opportunity to apply for the position. Upon application submission for an AET or a work permit, the national employment office issues a receipt which serves as an interim work permit and authorizes employment while the application is pending.

Detailed Immigration Snapshots, Document Lists and Process Guides are available to clients on request.