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Whether your company is sending employees to Australia or expanding outside of Australia to destinations around the world—Fragomen is here to help. Our experienced Australia immigration professionals partner with you to develop immigration strategies that help you meet inbound immigration needs and manage your regional or global immigration program.

Australia has a complex immigration system and all non-citizens of Australia require a visa to enter, remain or work in Australia. Ultimately, the Department of Home Affairs expects that Australian employers to ensure that all foreign employees hold the appropriate visa and that they only undertake permitted activities in line with visa conditions.

The Subclass 600 Visa is a standard business visitor visa and it allows foreign nationals to engage in certain defined business activities in Australia. Engaging in work or services is prohibited under this visa.

The Subclass 400 Visa is available to foreign nationals who intend to perform short-term, specialized work or attend an event of less than six months' duration.

The Subclass 457 Visa is the principal work authorization category in Australia. This visa requires employer sponsorship and has more stringent requirements than the Subclass 600 and Subclass 400 Visas. The Subclass 457 Visa is valid up to four years (depending on occupation) and subsequent Subclass 457 Visas may be granted if an employee is required in Australia for a longer duration. It may also be possible for employees to apply for permanent residence if they have held a Subclass 457 Visa for two years.

Note that processing of Subclass 400 and 600 Visas varies depending on the applicant's nationality and country of residence.

Detailed Immigration Snapshots, Document Lists and Process Guides are available to clients on request.

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