Iraq Immigration Services

If your company is sending employees to Iraq — Fragomen is here to help. Working closely with our Local Advisors in Iraq, we provide the immigration strategies and support you need to get your employees on the ground as quickly as possible.  If you have any questions, please click here to contact us.

Although the Iraqi immigration system is quite complex, it is well structured. Foreign nationals who seek to enter Iraq for business visits require, depending on their nationality, either a visit visa or a visa-on arrival. Visit visas allow a single entry into Iraq within one month of the visa issuance and permit a stay of up to 30 days, while visas-on-arrival allow a single entry into Iraq for up to a 15 or 30 day stay.

Generally, foreign nationals entering Iraq to perform hands-on work or who sign a contract with an employer in Iraq require an employment visa. They must also obtain a multi-entry-exit- visa in order to hold legal residence. Foreign nationals who need to access any of the oil fields must obtain a security clearance issued by the Ministry of Oil before their visa is granted.

Note that immigration processes in Iraqi Kurdistan differ from those in the rest of the country.