Dominican Republic Immigration Services

• ​The ​Dominican Republic's immigration laws provide several options for employers of foreign nationals. Requirements, processing times, employment eligibility and benefits for accompanying family members vary by permit type.​

• ​Foreign nationals require a Business Visa to conduct business activities in the Dominican Republic. Business Visas are either simple, issued for 60 days for a single entry, or multiple, issued for one year for multiple entries. The authorized period of stay is granted at the discretion of the admitting officer and corresponds to the duration of the activity, but typically does not exceed 30 consecutive days. Business Visa holders may apply for an extension of stay, usually granted for a maximum of 30 additional days.​

• Foreign nationals who intend to work in the Dominican Republic require either a Business Visa for Employment Purposes for assignments of one year or less (issued by consular post with authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), or a Temporary Residence Permit for assignments exceeding one year.​

Detailed Immigration Snapshots, Document Lists and Process Guides are available to clients on request.