Mauritius Immigration Services

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Most foreign nationals seeking to make business visits to Mauritius require a Business Visa. While some foreign nationals may be visa exempt, some are granted their visa upon arrival and some may have to obtain their visa prior to travelling to Mauritius. Business visas are issued by Mauritian Embassies consular posts or by the Passport and Immigration Office of Mauritius and are valid for a maximum of 120 days per calendar year provided that the stay during each trip on a business visa does not exceed 90 days. Business Visas may be extended at the discretion of the Passport and Immigration Office on a case-by-case basis.
When dealing with a foreign national seeking employment in Mauritius, two types of permits are available:
(I) The Work Permit - issued by the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training. 
(II) The Occupation Permit as a Professional - issued by the Economic Development Board and the Passport and Immigration Office.
The Occupation Permit as a Professional can be applied for by any potential employee as long as that person's monthly basic salary exceeds Rs 60,000 (except for the ICT industry where the salary threshold is lower: Rs 30,000). Where the foreign national is being hired for a skilled job or for a salary lower than the above-mentioned thresholds, then the foreign national should apply for a Work Permit. An application for either has to be made once the foreign national has a contract of employment in place with a local employer. Under an Occupation Permit as a Professional, the foreign national may already be in Mauritius at the time of application whilst under a Work Permit, while on a Work Permit the foreign national may only enter Mauritius once the permit has been approved. An Occupation Permit as a Professional may be valid for a period of as short as six months or as long as three years. A Work Permit is usually valid for periods varying between one and eight years depending on the position and industry of the worker. Both permits may be renewed upon termination although this process is not automatic.
Note that for both the Occupation Permit and the Work Permit, there must be a contract of employment between the foreign national and the Mauritian company.  
Foreign nationals having received an approved permit may also apply for dependent permits for their immediate family (spouse and children). It should. however, be noted that a dependent permit does not give the holder the right to work in Mauritius. 
Other types of permits exist for people looking to work in Mauritius. This includes the following:
(I) Occupation as a Self-Employed - where a foreign national may set up his/her own business.
(II) Occupation Permit as an Investor - where a foreign national may set up his/her own domestic company or own majority shares in one.
(III) Permanent residence - which may be applied for in specific circumstances and will allow a foreign national to work and live in Mauritius for a period of 10 years.