Oman Immigration Services

​​​​​​• Oman's immigration system is driven by its nationalization program, which can limit options for employers of foreign nationals.
• Business visitors, high-level professionals, and visitors participating in festivals and conventions may obtain a single-entry Express Visa for a stay of up to three weeks, following a local sponsor in Oman’s request (an online process). Business visitors can also apply for this visa category at an Omani consular post.
• Short-term employment visas with a validity of four, six, and nine months (non-renewable) are available to select employers (mainly large corporations) with a Ministry of Manpower Green Card. The process and documentary requirements for this visa category are similar to the normal employment visa process and the sponsoring entity must comply with the respective Omanization ratios.
• ​Long-term employment visas are issued with a validity of up to two years and are renewable. Foreign nationals from select countries require a medical certificate to obtain employment status.
Detailed Immigration Snapshots, Document Lists and Process Guides are available to clients on request.