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If your company is sending employees to Panama—Fragomen is here to help. Working closely with our Local Advisors in Panama, we provide the immigration strategies and support you need to get your employees on the ground as quickly as possible. 

A business entry authorization is required to conduct business activities​ in Panama. Visa-exempt nationals do not require a visa to enter Panama for business for up to 90 or 180 days (depending on nationality). Visa nationals require either a Consular or Authorized Tourist/Business Visitor Visa for stays up to 30 days with the possibility of in-country extensions. Authorized Visas require special authorization from the National Security Council in Panama.
Panama has more than 20 specialized visa categories for foreign nationals depending on their nationality, position, the sponsoring company's registrations or location within a special area or regime in Panama, among other criteria.
Some of the most common visa and work permit types are:
• Transient Technical Visa and Work Permit - used by foreign technicians and experts entering Panama to provide technical assistance for up to one year, provided the sponsoring company meets the quota for the hiring of foreign nationals.
• Temporary Residence Visa and Work Permit for foreign nationals hired and paid by a Panamanian company within the 10% or 15% quota, which permits work for two years initially.
• SEM Visa - used by foreign nationals transferring to Panama to work in companies that are registered as Multinational Companies. This visa is generally granted for five years.
• Temporary or Permanent Residence for foreign workers in the Panama Pacific area - used by foreign nationals working for companies registered in the Panama Pacific area, usually hired within the 15% quota.
​• City of Knowledge Visa and Work Permit - used by foreign nationals working as investigators​, executives or technicians of a company registered in the City of Knowledge​ Foundation.​
Detailed Immigration Snapshots, Document Lists and Process Guides are available to clients on request.
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