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Business visits have not been defined under Nepalese immigration law and the term "Business Visa" carries a different meaning under Nepalese laws than that which is prevalent in many other countries. Accordingly, Business Visas are not generally used for ordinary business travel. Instead, a Business Visa is granted to foreigners licensed to make an investment in Nepal or carry out export trade from Nepal by the Director General of the Department of Immigration (on the recommendation of the concerned governmental agency). A Business Visa is typically valid for a maximum term of five years.

Under current accepted practice, foreign nationals who intend to attend business meetings, conferences and negotiations for a short period of time may enter Nepal using a Tourist Visa. Most foreign nationals may obtain a Tourist Visa on arrival at the point of entry to Nepal. The Tourist Visa is issued for the duration of stay requested upon application, usually 15 to 60 days initially. The Tourist Visa may be extended but the stay may not exceed 150 days, cumulatively, per calendar year.

A foreign national must obtain a Work Permit and Non-Tourist Visa before working in Nepal.

Note that although Indian nationals may not require a visa to enter and remain in Nepal, they are still required to obtain a Work Permit to be able to work in Nepal.

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