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Dutch business immigration policy is characterized by a Recognised Sponsor scheme to provide options for employers of foreign nationals. The Netherlands ​is a member of the European Union (EU) and the Schengen Area. The Netherlands has procedures in place for business visitors, intracompany transferees, and highly skilled workers sponsored by registered Dutch companies. The facilitation of the Dutch Recognised Sponsor scheme can be used for talented employees or assignees of multinational companies who meet specific criteria.

The main work authorization categories are the EU Intra-Company Transfer Permit, suitable for temporary intracompany transfers of qualified managers, specialists, or trainees from outside the EU; and the Highly Skilled Migrant permit, suitable for skilled staff sponsored by a local company registered with the Immigration Authority as a Recognised Sponsor. Work authorization is generally issued for an initial validity of up to three years for assignments from outside the EU and up to five years for another status that can then be renewed.

Business visitors to the Netherlands typically travel with a Schengen Visa, unless they are visa exempt. Visitors conducting meetings permissible in business visitor status may stay up to 13 weeks in a 52-week period (multiple visits are allowed). Specialists installing equipment or receiving training on Dutch products may enter the country once for a stay of up to 12 weeks in a 36-week period (without the need to secure work authorization). Next to these time limitations, the Schengen Area rules limit stays for visitors to 90 days in a 180-day period. For stays exceeding 90 days, a residence permit is required.

EU, EEA and Swiss nationals do not require work authorization but should follow registration formalities for stays that exceed 90 days. Employees temporarily seconded from another EU country must comply with Posted Worker requirements in the Netherlands, including EU/EEA and Swiss nationals.​

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