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Senegal Immigration Services

If your company is sending employees to Senegal — Fragomen is here to help. Working closely with our Local Advisors in Senegal we provide the immigration strategies and support you need to get your employees on the ground as quickly as possible.  If you have any questions, please click here to contact us.

While many nationals are business visa-exempt for stays of up to 90 days, they are encouraged to secure consular visas before travel to avoid issues/delays on arrival in Senegal.
There is no short-term work permit in Senegal.  Work permits are generally issued for an initial 24 months and can be renewed. Foreign nationals who intend to stay and work for longer than 90 days must also apply for a residence permit (carte d'identité d'étranger - or CIE).  While the application is in process, they will be issued a receipt (récépissé), authorizing them to live in Senegal until the permit is granted. Residence permits are issued for six months and are renewable.
Foreign nationals should not conduct any business activities beyond 90 days without a residence permit.
Detailed Immigration Snapshots, Document Lists and Process Guides are available to clients on request.